Profession and Passion

How it all started?

I started my career in freelancing way back 2010. I was a college student that time and was having my on-job-training (OJT) at NCR. I was referred by a friend (a friend I couldn’t thank more) to one of his clients, got the job and luckily things turned out well. Later on, blessings came in as projects poured down from this guy whom I can’t thank much for as well. Most of which are new to me but then the magic happens out of your comfort zone and so I did all the best I could and ensured that at the end of the day, I was just awesome to work with.

From that then I continued my career working as a web developer or a programmer as they say mostly at my free time. It’s the main thing that puts food at my table for now aside from my regular job where I’m working as a software developer tackling software solutions running on Linux.

And while things went well for me as a web developer, I’m blessed as well to become a software development engineer last 2012 at NCR Cebu Development Center, Inc. and yes I’m loving Linux more than I used to be. I’ve been working on it over a year now and the overall experience and knowledge gained from time to time is truly rewarding and I’m truly excited to learn more.

What am I doing right now?

It’s been amazing to be able to work at two things (web development and software development) and love them both at the same time. The web is a huge vast space and Linux as an opensource is such a real deal and it’s this world I love and definitely the thing that matters a lot to me. And so I’m still currently expanding my expertise, creating solutions and valuable products for clients and/or customers, making small contributions to the community. I aspire to make lives better not just for me but also for you and to all I can share of.

You can always hit me anytime – or contact me through my contact page.